Thursday, August 13, 2009

Now Prossesing Applicants.

Now, hear me out. I understand. Those are very difficult words! They are spelling tricksters. 

"Processor" actually is one of those words where even those of us who have an aptitude for spelling will second-guess ourselves.  Is this one of those "ers" that's really an "or?" Now, are we dealing with "c's" or "s's" here for that ever-so-dubious "ssss" sound? Where are those double consonants supposed to be??

And "mortgage?!" That unnecessary "t" just couldn't be any more silent, Sam! I get you.

Here's what KILLS me:

Craigslist has spellcheck.

Are we really that unobservant to totally dismiss those familiar little red, dotted underlines marking our typos as we construct our postings? Would a red underline strapped onto the name of your business signal any possible mistakes to you that you may not want to overlook as you seek out at least marginally linguistically-conscious applicants? You know, to Modify and prosses Motgage Loans for your Company?

Now, there's no accounting for grammar, here. This isn't Microsoft Word, people. Providing a platform for unsolicited "encounters" and acquiring free crap, Craigslist can do, but covering up incompetence of proper English? Pushing it. 

I'm guessing you don't have a human resources department handling the job postings at Pride Pacific Motgage, do ya, Sam -- o lowly business owner? Hard to find the right candidate that want to take a piece of that growing corporate pie of yours, isn't it? 

Ah, to be on the opposite end of the employment spectrum. What a life...

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