Sunday, August 16, 2009

Color Me Desperate

Since many of you may not be familiar with the geographical references in this posting, let me give a rundown for you of what this employer is offering all the lucky, thinly-built, strong, experienced hard laborers/repairmen/construction workers in our state seeking slavery -- AHEM! -- I mean... employment.

This job would have you working as an experienced repairman and hard laborer in a notably small underground crawl space apparently spanning approximately 35 miles from Honolulu to Oahu's Waianae coast... for seventy-five cents above federal minimum wage.

Aw, but look at the pretty beach you get to set your laboring eyes on after crawling for thirty-five miles!

Now, I'm not sure if there actually is a 35-mile-long crawl space under the highway, as this posting implies, but regardless, let's do a little fact-finding, shall we?

I found out from the government's wage determination site that pay for an "Underground Laborer" will range from $14.65 to $31.90 per hour. I also have found out from my significant other, a manager for a construction company, that joining a labor union as an inexperienced apprentice will get you at least $14 an hour plus benefits (401k, etc.). 

Are you now wondering, as I was, how this employer thought that his posting would appeal to anyone capable of demonstrating any amount of logical thought processes whatsoever (much less someone who has had ANY experience in the construction and labor industries)?

But, but... look at all the pretty colors! 

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